Why Annuity 退休年金的好處?

Why annuities are excellent tools to help you plan for your retirement ? With Americans living longer than ever, they need to take steps to plan for a better retirement. Annuities actually offer guaranteed lifetime income which help people to ease the stress. Annuities also offer tax-deferred growth, different withdrawal options and also death benefit.



Power of Shopping 比價後再選擇

Covered California unveiled its rates for 2017 on Tuesday this week with a statewide weighted average change 13.2 percent.
However, if consumers switch to “the lowest-cost plan at their same benefit level plan “,  Executive Director Peter V. Lee said, “Almost 80 percent of our consumers will either be able to pay less than they are paying now, or see their rates go up by no more than 5 percent.  So, “Shopping is going to be more important this year than ever before, That’s the power of shopping.”

本週二加州全保公佈了2017健康計畫費率, 全州平均上漲13.2%,但加州全保提醒消費大眾進行比價, 因為有可能透過轉換至其他同等級計劃, 不但避開漲價甚至付更低, 或小漲5%以內, 所以面對2017新保費, 多比較後再選擇非常重要!

2017 CC power of shopping

Social Security Statement

You know you can get a retirement benefit estimate from Social Security Estimator, but if you want to get more benefits information, including retirement, disability and survivors benefits, creating an online account is a good way. If you don’t have one, you can easily set one up now by click the image link below.

雖然你可利用社安局的估算retirement estimator工具替你做退休金的估算,但在其網上開立一個帳户更好,因為這樣你不但可查詢退休金,連失能,死亡等福利都可知道(樣本如下圖),也可追踪自己的收入紀錄,保持正確,而且隨時可以查看,非常便利。利用下列圖片連結可馬上進入:

SS statement sample

Estimate your SS benefit 社安金估算

Want to know how much Social Security Benefit you can get when you retire ? The difference if you start  at different age ? An estimator from Social Security Administration can help, just click this link and input your basic information



easy estimate SS benefit 0416

Social Security start time 何時領社安退休金?

If you live to the average life expectancy for someone your age, you’ll receive about the same amount in lifetime benefits. It doesn’t matter if you choose to start receiving benefits at age 62, full retirement age, age 70, or any age between. It is a personal decision and depends on different factors, such as your your health and family longevity and your financial condition, etc.. click the image from SSA below for more details

你已知道領取社安金時間早晚會影响領取金額的多少,這数字主要是根据個人的平均寿命精算的結果,如果你剛好活到預期的平均寿命,那麼早拿和晚拿最後領取的總福利金额將會是一樣的。所以什麼年齡開始領最好, 完全根据個人條件,包括健康狀況,家族寿命及財務狀況等不同因素.點擊右方圖案連結察看:
when to start receiving SS benefits_Page_1

Know your BMI? 認識BMI指數

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height, and applies to most adults and children. It is a tool to know if a person is underweight, overweight, or a healthy weight. The further it is away from healthy range, the higher the health problems will be. Click the link from CDC below to find out yours :

知道自己的BMI指數多少嗎?它是一個測量体重與身高比例的指數,幫助了解自己的身體狀態,太重或太輕都需要注意,偏離正常範圍越遠健康風險越大. 可利用下列CDC聯結, 查詢自己的BMI指數 :



Medicare apply online 網上申請紅藍卡

It’s convenient, quick and easy. There’s no need to drive to a local Social Security office or wait for an appointment with a Social Security representative.

辦理Medicare紅藍卡,可以親自跑到社安局排號等待, 但也可以網上申請.其實,除非你有特別情況,不然網上申請真是又快又簡單,卡片等資料就寄到家, 太方便了!

line up

1095A mailed to you 表格已經寄出

If you get your health coverage through Covered Califnornia in 2015, The 1095A, Health Insurance Marketplace statement has been mailed to you. It is an important document for your 2015 tax filing, please review it and remember to include it to your tax person when make your filing.

如果你2015是經由加州全保取得醫療保險, 1095A 表格近日已經寄出給你,這是重要的税務表格,一定要注意保存並在報税時交給你的稅務人員

1095A 2015

Open Enrollment extended開放期延長

Due to a last-minute rush for health coverage, Covered California announced Friday that consumers who start their enrollment process, or make an appointment, by midnight Jan. 31 will have until midnight Feb. 6 to complete the application as long as they are working with a Certified Insurance Agent, Certified Enrollment Counselor.



2016 Health benefits

Have you noticed the benefit change in your 2016 health coverage ? The changes include deductible, copay… check the photo link below to have a look !

注意到2016新一年度医療保險福利的改變了嗎?包括deductible, copay等,下列圖案連結可带你了解

2016 CC standard benefits      2016 CC enhanced benefits