ObamaCare 加州健保

  • CIA logo 1013   2015 Open Enrollment  is 11/15/14 to 2/15/15.  It allows individuals and families to renew or make changes to their health insurance coverage for calendar year 2015.

  • Open Enrollment ended on 4/15/14. Unless you have qualified event, you have to wait for the next open period to enroll!

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  •  2015 加卅全保在11/15/2014至2/15/2015開放申請. 如果你需要加入或做改變,要利用這段時間進行

  • 2014 欧記健保申請已在4/15/14結束,在下一個開放期來臨之前,你只有在某些特殊情況/事件下才能申請/購買保險, MediCaid/Medi-Cal不受此限.



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