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Different 1095 forms

It’s about time to receive your 1095 form for your health coverage in 2016. You know there are 3 different 1095 forms but do you know the difference ?

  • 1095A,  A Statement issued by Covered California  It shows who was covered and when. It also shows the subsidy amount you got in 2016 so you will report it with your 2016 taxes.
  • 1095B, issued by Health insurance companies to its members who enrolled directly with the companies without any exchange in between which contains who was covered and when.
  • 1095C, issued by Employers that offer health coverage to its employees and/or their families with information about who was covered and when.

你很快將收到你的2016 醫療保險的1095表格, 你或已知道他有3種, 但你知道其中的不同嗎 ?

  • 1095A 是由Covered California 加州全保發出,發給經由該交換所取得医療保險的人,目的在確認受保的人,受保的計劃及受保期間,受補助金額等
  • 1095B 是由保險公司發出,發給直接向該公司投保而未經過交換所的會員,目的在証明是否所參加的計劃合乎歐巴馬健保下強制投保的規定
  • 1095C 是由提供團保的雇主所發出,發給它所承保的員工及家屬,確認受保的人和受保的計劃what-is-1095a

LongTermCare Hybrids 長期照顧新設計

You probably heard the “Hybrids” design for es LTC Insurance over the past several years . They have been popular in the market for the combination of  life insurance and  long term care benefits. It is a long-term care rider in a life insurance policy. Your policy will pay out benefits for your LTC need and also for death benefit, not just “use it or lose it” nature in traditional policies.


Why Annuity 退休年金的好處?

Why annuities are excellent tools to help you plan for your retirement ? With Americans living longer than ever, they need to take steps to plan for a better retirement. Annuities actually offer guaranteed lifetime income which help people to ease the stress. Annuities also offer tax-deferred growth, different withdrawal options and also death benefit.


2016 Health benefits

Have you noticed the benefit change in your 2016 health coverage ? The changes include deductible, copay… check the photo link below to have a look !

注意到2016新一年度医療保險福利的改變了嗎?包括deductible, copay等,下列圖案連結可带你了解

2016 CC standard benefits      2016 CC enhanced benefits


What’s an EOB? 甚麼是EOB?

It’s the document that explains how plan benefits paid for a member’s medical care. Members may get an EOB (Explanation of Benefits )after they’ve had medical services to show what was done, what was covered, what was paid and what’s owed.
當你用保險接受了医療服務,保險公司在接到通知及審批後,會發給你一種稱作福利說明的單据/EOB,說明服務的項目,是否包含在保險福利內,保險公司支付多少? 你自己負担多少? 幫助你了解自己的權利義務.

EOB 0815

Health Net ending its Bank Drafting

Health Net announced its online recurring payment option in June and now is ending automatic bank draft for members currently ine Simple Pay Option. August premiums drafting on July 20, 2015, will be the last ones under the current method. Health Net will be sending this mailer to impacted members and then will send out a second mailer to let them know when and how to do the switch. Members will need to go online to set up recurring payment for monthly premiums due September and going forward, or they can choose to mail a check or pay via one of  other payment options..

Health Net 將自八月份起不再使用銀行扣帳方式收取(九月起的)保費, 7/20將是最後一次扣帳,扣的是八月份保費, 如果你是Health Net的保戶, 且目前正是使用這種方式付款,那麼請注意你的信件, 因為你近期將收到Health Net 寄給你的通知,請你重新选擇付款的方式, 並指導你如何完成轉換的手續

HN ETF stopping 0715ˋ

Life Insurance promotes Healthy living 活力積分新意保單

An Insurance Company announced in Apr. its new  life insurance products that rewards people for healthy living.  A policyholder can accumulate “Vitality Points” when he/she completes health-related activities like exercising, getting an annual health screening or even a flu shot. The number of Vitality Points accumulated over the course of a year help the policyholder to earn valuable travel, shopping and entertainment-related rewards and discounts from leading retailers. Additionally, depending on the type of product they purchase, a policyholder could save as much as 15 percent off their annual premium.

今年四月,一家保險公司在保單中加了新意。大家都知道,人寿保單的保費和身體健康程度有直接關係,這個創意在鼓勵保户積極採取保健行動,增進身体健康,保險公司將根據你累計的”活力積分” 提供你各項實用折扣,如旅遊,購物, 甚至你的年保費可折扣至15%之多(視保單種類而定)

詳情請參考  details please go to


Initial Payment 準時付款

wpid-20140521_183013.jpgEven the enrollment extension gives members more time to apply and pay, the on time initial payment is critical or you will risk having your coverage terminated.

新加入歐記健保的人一定要 準時支付首次保費,  否則新一年的計劃將不會生效

To pay your Binder Payment 如何支付首次保費

If you have newly enrolled into Covered California but have not yet made yourhow to pay 121814 initial premium payment (binder payment) for coverage effective January 1, 2015,you should get your first invoice  from your chosen health plan. You can also click here:  and follow the instructions associated with the specific health plan to pay by phone, online or mail.

你新加入歐記健保但還沒支付首次保費? 你選擇的保險公司會寄帳單給你, 但最好利用更快速的其他方法, 請點此連結查看


Review Your Medicare Policy

October 15 – December 7 is Medicare Open Enrollment. It’s your chance to review your health  coverage and see if you need to make any changes for next year. Or, you may decide you’re happy with the plan you have now. If that’s the case, and the plan is still being offered next year, you don’t need to do anything. To review if you have a plan that fits you, the review worksheet from UnitedHealthCare might give you an idea

你不一定要變更,但你應該要做自我檢視, 因為開放期(10/15-12/07) 是紅藍卡使用人一年一度做改變的機會,也 因為計畫福利每年有變,個人需求也每年有變,目前的計畫是否還適合自己呢? 考慮的項目很多,例如:你是否已有理想的醫生醫院 ? 語言通嗎? 就醫方便嗎 ? 有交通接送嗎 ? 藥品貴嗎 ? 配眼鏡配耳機要付多少 ? 客服滿意嗎 ?聯合健保提供的簡易檢視表,只要花十分鍾就可有個概念.UHC medicare review sheet 1014