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2016 Tax adjustment 税額調整

The Tax season is here, while you are collecting your tax papers, here is some change you will see when you file your 2016 tax. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) make the adjustment to reflect the inflation adjustments . Changes include tax rate schedules, itemized deductions limitation,personal exemption,Earned Income Credit amount, etc.. Please click the link for the 2016 tax table provided by taxfoundation

新年度來臨也是税季來臨,開始收集2016各項單据做報税準備了嗎? 國稅局 IRS根据物价水準變動對2016年稅表,個人免税額,標準或列舉扣除額等已做調整。請利用下列連結查看由Tax Foundation 所整理提供的2016的税表




Income Tax Calculator

If you ever wanted to give yourself a tax estimate, here are the calculators from 2 major tax reporting companies you can use for free

稅季來臨, 想先估算一下自己要繳多少稅 ?以下是由2家主要報稅公司提供的免費工具可供利用


Simple vs Compound Interest 單利vs複利

Do you know how the interest on your investment calculated ? While the two different basic types of interests, simple and compound, make your money big difference over a long period of time, all investors should be aware of them.  Simple interest is calculated only on your principal. Compound interest is calculated on the the sum of your principal amount plus the accumulated interest of previous periods. A famous quote by Einstein “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”  tells us the power of the compound interest in your investment. Try it yourself using the calculator link below provided from



Why Annuity 退休年金的好處?

Why annuities are excellent tools to help you plan for your retirement ? With Americans living longer than ever, they need to take steps to plan for a better retirement. Annuities actually offer guaranteed lifetime income which help people to ease the stress. Annuities also offer tax-deferred growth, different withdrawal options and also death benefit.


Social Security Statement

You know you can get a retirement benefit estimate from Social Security Estimator, but if you want to get more benefits information, including retirement, disability and survivors benefits, creating an online account is a good way. If you don’t have one, you can easily set one up now by click the image link below.

雖然你可利用社安局的估算retirement estimator工具替你做退休金的估算,但在其網上開立一個帳户更好,因為這樣你不但可查詢退休金,連失能,死亡等福利都可知道(樣本如下圖),也可追踪自己的收入紀錄,保持正確,而且隨時可以查看,非常便利。利用下列圖片連結可馬上進入:

SS statement sample

Estimate your SS benefit 社安金估算

Want to know how much Social Security Benefit you can get when you retire ? The difference if you start  at different age ? An estimator from Social Security Administration can help, just click this link and input your basic information


easy estimate SS benefit 0416

Social Security start time 何時領社安退休金?

If you live to the average life expectancy for someone your age, you’ll receive about the same amount in lifetime benefits. It doesn’t matter if you choose to start receiving benefits at age 62, full retirement age, age 70, or any age between. It is a personal decision and depends on different factors, such as your your health and family longevity and your financial condition, etc.. click the image from SSA below for more details

你已知道領取社安金時間早晚會影响領取金額的多少,這数字主要是根据個人的平均寿命精算的結果,如果你剛好活到預期的平均寿命,那麼早拿和晚拿最後領取的總福利金额將會是一樣的。所以什麼年齡開始領最好, 完全根据個人條件,包括健康狀況,家族寿命及財務狀況等不同因素.點擊右方圖案連結察看:
when to start receiving SS benefits_Page_1

Retirement Estimator 退休金估算

Provided you have enough Social Security credits , you can use a Retirement Estimator fromsky2

Social Security Site to estimate your retirement income.  It is calculated based on your actual

Social Security earnings record and it is a ESTIMATE until you actually apply for it.

如果你已累積了領取社安退休金的足夠點數,  可利用社安局根據你收入

記錄提供的一個簡易估算公式 來預估將來可以領到多少:



恭喜眾多初出校門的社會新鲜人,追求前景的同時,你如何保有医療保障呢? 如果父母有不錯的保單你可以加入,它可保障你到26歲. 如果找到的新工作有提供医療保險,就加入其團保. 若兩樣都沒有, 就自行購買啦! 一個20幾歲的年輕人只需$64月付, 就可買到有年度免費体檢,看医生,拿药等完整福利的保單呢! 要估價,申請,按這裡


Health Options for graduates !

Congratulation to all the new graduates! How to keep yourself in health coverage? There are ways to do ! Stay in parent’s policy is your first choice if they have good ones and you can stay there until age 26.  Or,  if you get a job with health benefit, join the employer’s group. If both doesn’t work for you, just buy one in the market;   a young person at his/ her 22 can have coverage for just $64 a month, get a quote and apply, go to