What is CA Single-Payer plan ?

What is California’s Single-Payer bill (SB 562) ?

Just think about Medicare, then you will have the idea of the new California health care system “single-payer”. It means all healthcare costs will be paid by a single source, the government.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who already advocated for the system during his run for the presidency and now introduced by California State Senators, Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins.

Even no plan details and no funding source yet, the picture of the plan is actually much more generous than Medicare and asks about 400 billion budget. It will have more benefits including dental, vision, hearing, mental health, etc. but no out of pocket for patients such as copay or deductible.

什麼是加州 “單一支付“ 醫療制度

類似65歲以上的紅藍卡保險,新的制度下,醫療費用將由政府支付。這計劃在Senator Bernie Sanders競選總統時即已提出,現因川普政府尋求健保新方案的不確定性由加州議員 Ricardo Lara 及 Toni Atkins再次提出。雖然目前還沒有制度細節和經費來源, 但此新制度理想上要比紅藍卡保險慷慨許多,不但包栝了牙齒眼睛等,連就醫的自付額,分攤費都免除,預計經費將達四千億之多。


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