Different 1095 forms

It’s about time to receive your 1095 form for your health coverage in 2016. You know there are 3 different 1095 forms but do you know the difference ?

  • 1095A,  A Statement issued by Covered California  It shows who was covered and when. It also shows the subsidy amount you got in 2016 so you will report it with your 2016 taxes.
  • 1095B, issued by Health insurance companies to its members who enrolled directly with the companies without any exchange in between which contains who was covered and when.
  • 1095C, issued by Employers that offer health coverage to its employees and/or their families with information about who was covered and when.

你很快將收到你的2016 醫療保險的1095表格, 你或已知道他有3種, 但你知道其中的不同嗎 ?

  • 1095A 是由Covered California 加州全保發出,發給經由該交換所取得医療保險的人,目的在確認受保的人,受保的計劃及受保期間,受補助金額等
  • 1095B 是由保險公司發出,發給直接向該公司投保而未經過交換所的會員,目的在証明是否所參加的計劃合乎歐巴馬健保下強制投保的規定
  • 1095C 是由提供團保的雇主所發出,發給它所承保的員工及家屬,確認受保的人和受保的計劃what-is-1095a

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