Health Net ending its Bank Drafting

Health Net announced its online recurring payment option in June and now is ending automatic bank draft for members currently ine Simple Pay Option. August premiums drafting on July 20, 2015, will be the last ones under the current method. Health Net will be sending this mailer to impacted members and then will send out a second mailer to let them know when and how to do the switch. Members will need to go online to set up recurring payment for monthly premiums due September and going forward, or they can choose to mail a check or pay via one of  other payment options..

Health Net 將自八月份起不再使用銀行扣帳方式收取(九月起的)保費, 7/20將是最後一次扣帳,扣的是八月份保費, 如果你是Health Net的保戶, 且目前正是使用這種方式付款,那麼請注意你的信件, 因為你近期將收到Health Net 寄給你的通知,請你重新选擇付款的方式, 並指導你如何完成轉換的手續

HN ETF stopping 0715ˋ


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