Review Your Medicare Policy

October 15 – December 7 is Medicare Open Enrollment. It’s your chance to review your health  coverage and see if you need to make any changes for next year. Or, you may decide you’re happy with the plan you have now. If that’s the case, and the plan is still being offered next year, you don’t need to do anything. To review if you have a plan that fits you, the review worksheet from UnitedHealthCare might give you an idea

你不一定要變更,但你應該要做自我檢視, 因為開放期(10/15-12/07) 是紅藍卡使用人一年一度做改變的機會,也 因為計畫福利每年有變,個人需求也每年有變,目前的計畫是否還適合自己呢? 考慮的項目很多,例如:你是否已有理想的醫生醫院 ? 語言通嗎? 就醫方便嗎 ? 有交通接送嗎 ? 藥品貴嗎 ? 配眼鏡配耳機要付多少 ? 客服滿意嗎 ?聯合健保提供的簡易檢視表,只要花十分鍾就可有個概念.UHC medicare review sheet 1014

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