Laddering Insurance need 階段性保障

You are around your 40, you anticipate changes when you get older and children get more and more independent ! A good way to have them protected as much as they need while save the most of your money, laddering your insurance coverage.

如果你40歲上下,現在孩子還小, 仍需要你的保障,但未來隨著你的年齡增長,孩子們的獨立, 對保障的需求將愈來愈小, 這時候”階段式” 的人壽保險是你的好選擇, 它根據你保險需求的逐漸降低而減少保障金額,也減少保費負擔. 二十年保障下来, 可節省近二萬保費支出.司馬庫斯112


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