Get ready to enroll 為申請做準備

What you should prepare before you enrollplans sheet 1013

  • Gather information about your household income.  Give a 2014 income estimate as close as possible
  • Set your budget.
  • Understand types of Health Insurance and how the coverage works, like deductible, out of pocket limit….
  • Gather your doctors’ names  or drugs list if you have a preferred one (s).
  • Ask your employer if it plans to offer health insurance in 2014.
  • Find local help. We are certified by CA exchange, CoveredCA,  you can contact us in different ways to get your answers and help


  • 收集所得資料,儘可能準確預估2014的所得
  • 設定自己的保費預算
  • 了解健保的類別及使用方式
  • 如果有想要的医生或需要的药物, 收集他們的電話和地址
  • 若你在上班,確認你的僱主是否提供2014健康團保
  • 尋求專業協助:  你可連絡本中心, 本中心是認證合格的加州全保代理人,可幫助你比較,選擇,申請加入, 也將為合格的人申請联邦補助!.

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