Certified completed 認證完成

After Sara has gone through the class training (9/6) and online 4 courses, then completed the exam (9/19), CIA logo 1013

she could do nothing but  wait for the certified process completed by California Exchange “Covered California”. The certification number finally was provided on yesterday, 10/15.  Now we are happy to announce that we are CIA titled (Certified Insurance Agent) and ready to fully serve your health insurance need. You now can search us at http://www.coveredca.com (If it is not down).  go to  “find help near you” by typing in Name “Sara Sung” or zip “90650” to  see the profile then you can request assistance from there !

Sara 經過 課堂8小時(9/6)訓練, 完成網上四門課程,並通過程度考試,取得認證資格 ( 9/19) 後, 就一直痴痴的等待,直到昨天10/15終於等到了加卅交易所”加卅全保”提供的認證號碼,現在正式有了CIA (Certified Insurance Agent) 的抬頭,可全力為大家服務了 ! 而你也可以在網站 http://www.coveredca.com (如果沒當機) 的 find local help 輸入姓名 “Sara Sung” 或區號”90650 “找到Sara的資料, 進而要求代理新健保的解說和申請!


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