A letter from insurance company ? 收到醫療保險公司的來信 ?

If you receive a letter from your current health insurance company, It is helping their current customers realize the coming ObamaCare changes and the new price. Many existing plans will no longer be offered from 1/1/2014. People who are in this impact should look for new plans either change to an ACA compliant plan in their current carrier. They can also choose to buy a new one through the Private Market or the ACA Exchange during the open enrollment from 10/01/13-12/15/13 to avoid coverage interruption.
你收到現在的醫療保險公司寄來的信嗎? 它通知你許多現在的計畫將在明年不再继續及新價格. 為了不造成保障中断,你可在原公司轉換符合新健保法的計畫並適用新價格或在10/01-12/15以前至交易所或私人市場購買新計畫.



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