Apply for a Exchange plan 如何購買健保?

maple on rock

    ObamaCare enrollment  is just 1 month away, it is starting 10/01/13. If you still have question on how to apply for it, call us now ! We have all the information and can help you to compare and enroll into the best plan for you.
    歐巴馬健保開放登記日期為2013年10月1日,民眾申請的管道很多–上網,電話,書面或至地方辦公室都接受. 你可以自行申請,也可以要求合格人員的免費協助. 但若仍有疑問,現在就可以諮詢我們保險專家,協助您比較及申請,不但享有健保險服利,且避免受罰

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