Obamacare on Middle class 對中間收入的影響

Under Obamacare, if you’re middle class and make up to four times of the federal poverty level, you may be eligible for subsidies from the federal . How  much people would pay is limited by a percentage depending on their income. The most is set to 9.5% for people make 400% of the federal poverty level and above.

歐記健保下, 如果你是中間收入且介於联邦貧窮線139% -400% 者,你可以得到保費甚至共付額的補助,所得愈低,自付也愈低, 因為它已根據每個家庭所得規定其負擔上限,確認其是可負擔的. 最高負擔比例是9.5%, 用在所得400%及以上的人FPL to 400%


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