Obamacare on Low income 對低收入的影響

Under Obamacare, If you’re low income: you’ll probably qualify for Medicaid in the future even not qualify now.Medicaid expansion

In the states that  adopt the Medicaid expansion, people earn 138 percent of the federal poverty line  or less would be eligible for Medicaid, But in the  states that decide not to, people who make more than medicaid level but not enough to afford to buy insurance may be still remain uninsured.

歐記健保下,如果你是低收入者,你可能進入政府公共計畫,醫療補助計畫Medicaid 或得到保費甚至共付額的補助, 有些州決定配合健保改革而放寬低收入醫療補助計畫Medicaid, 他們的州民收入低於聯邦貧窮線138%的, 將符合資格 !  決定不放寬的州, 其州民若高過資格, 仍有可能因買不起而繼續無保


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