Obamacare vs Medicare 對紅藍卡的影響


If you’re on Medicare and go into the donut hole, you’ll get a discount when buying Part D covered drugs. The discount you can save is gradually increasing until 25%, the same percentage you pay from the time you meet the deductible (if your plan has one) in 2020.

如果你是紅藍卡受益人,用药已達到你药品計畫(Part D)中空階段(donut hole), 你是否注意到你的分攤比例降低了? 這是欧巴馬健保對紅藍卡做的改變,折扣自2011已開始,以後逐年增加,至2020回到25%,保持在你药品計畫超過自付額時的起始分攤比例


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