Got the claimed check 客人收到支票了

My client got her terminal illness rider check today ! It is really a good news in the cancer situation she has encountered from July.  The $250000  is the terminal illness benefit she entitled under her life policy issued 5 years ago. She now can use this money to treat her illness in her selected way, location or she can use it for anything she desires.

今天客人收到支票了,有一種感动! 在需要時這25萬發揮它最大的功用,客人可以依她的願望回中國接受癌症治療了!  最近替不幸罹癌的一位客人, 由她5年前成立的人壽保單中申請末期疾病的理賠, 經過客人,医生,保險公司間密切联系後,今天客人來電通知收到保險公司寄來支票的消息!  是目前坏消息中的好消息, 這筆錢客人可自由運用,选择他最適切的治療方式,地点或用在她自己 希望的任何用途上!

確任你的保單有否末期疾病的理賠條款可聯絡你的agent, 保險公司 或本中心替你檢查 !

101  image 0813


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