What is Obama Care and how does it affect me?

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. The law puts in place health insurance reforms that will roll out over four years and beyond. To complete this, each state would establish a Health Insurance Marketplace, called an Exchange, which offer affordable and qualified health benefit plans. The new benefit is enriched, plans are standardized, price are believed to be higher but qualified people will get subsidy… It will affect most of people

欧巴馬政府在2010年3月23日, 正式簽署了爭議已久的健保改革法案ACA (Affordable care Act), 致力改善美國惡質已久的医療体系及其品質, 不但要確認人人有保, 且確認人人負擔得起. 經過三年多的準備,在2014將全面实行.由各卅成立執行机構,称Exchange交換所.新福利增加, 新計畫標準化, 保費將上漲, 但合格的人可得到補助等…大部分的人都將受到影響


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