2019 ACA 開放期 Open Enrollment in CA

As you know, Trump’s administration has been trying to repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act but not succeed but do have had some changes.  A most noticed one is that the individual mandate will no longer be enforced from 2019, meaning the mandate penalty will be $0 (if your states are not implementing their own penalties).

At this time, the annual open enrollment for benefit year 2019 is just at the corner.  In California, the Covered California, has set it beginning 10/15/18 to 01/15/19. Consumers who sign up between 10/15-12/15 will have a January 1, 2019 effective date and if between 12/16-1/15/19 will have a February 1, 2019 effective date.

正如你所知,川普政府上來以後積極想改變甚至推翻歐巴馬健保的努力並沒有成功,但確實也有了一些改變. 其中最為大眾所關心的就是2019起強制保險的罰款將減為$0(但各州也可自訂他們自己的罰款)。

現在又是接近年度開放期的時候了!在加州2019年開放登記時間已確定在10/15/18 -1/15/19. 若介於10/15-12/15完成登記, 生效日會在19年的1月1號生效,若延至12/16/18-1/15/19完成登記,生效日將19年在2月1號。


New Medicare Card 紅藍卡換新

To protect beneficiary’s identity, Medicare already started mailing new Medicare cards to all people with Medicare now. Instead of using Social Security Number, the new card will have a new Medicare Number that’s unique to each beneficiary.  During the mailing process, Medicare reminds all beneficiaries:

The new card will automatically mail to you and you don’t need to do anything. Once you get your new Medicare card, destroy the old card and start using your new card right away. Your card may arrive at a different time than your friend’s or neighbor’s and Your Medicare coverage and benefits will stay the same.

為了預防日益普遍的身分盜用事件,Medicare 決定全面換新紅藍卡,主要是號碼的重新設計,不再直接使用個人的社安號. 新卡已陸續寄出,Medicare 提醒各位紅藍卡受益人在這換新的過程中:
卡片將自動寄給你, 你不需要做什麼,收到的時間每個人會不一樣,收到後就可將舊卡銷毀, 至於紅藍卡的福利並不因為換卡而有任何改變


2017-18 Best Hospitals 全國最佳医院

U.S. News & World Report  just released the 2017-18 Best Hospitals rankings on Aug. 08 . The rankings compare nearly 5000 medical centers nationwide in 16 adult specialties (Cancer, Cardiology…) as well as their Survival rates, patient safety… It recognized 20 hospitals that outperform others with highest points as follow:



What is CA Single-Payer plan ?

What is California’s Single-Payer bill (SB 562) ?

Just think about Medicare, then you will have the idea of the new California health care system “single-payer”. It means all healthcare costs will be paid by a single source, the government.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who already advocated for the system during his run for the presidency and now introduced by California State Senators, Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins.

Even no plan details and no funding source yet, the picture of the plan is actually much more generous than Medicare and asks about 400 billion budget. It will have more benefits including dental, vision, hearing, mental health, etc. but no out of pocket for patients such as copay or deductible.

什麼是加州 “單一支付“ 醫療制度

類似65歲以上的紅藍卡保險,新的制度下,醫療費用將由政府支付。這計劃在Senator Bernie Sanders競選總統時即已提出,現因川普政府尋求健保新方案的不確定性由加州議員 Ricardo Lara 及 Toni Atkins再次提出。雖然目前還沒有制度細節和經費來源, 但此新制度理想上要比紅藍卡保險慷慨許多,不但包栝了牙齒眼睛等,連就醫的自付額,分攤費都免除,預計經費將達四千億之多。

2016 Tax adjustment 税額調整

The Tax season is here, while you are collecting your tax papers, here is some change you will see when you file your 2016 tax. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) make the adjustment to reflect the inflation adjustments . Changes include tax rate schedules, itemized deductions limitation,personal exemption,Earned Income Credit amount, etc.. Please click the link for the 2016 tax table provided by taxfoundation

新年度來臨也是税季來臨,開始收集2016各項單据做報税準備了嗎? 國稅局 IRS根据物价水準變動對2016年稅表,個人免税額,標準或列舉扣除額等已做調整。請利用下列連結查看由Tax Foundation 所整理提供的2016的税表




Income Tax Calculator

If you ever wanted to give yourself a tax estimate, here are the calculators from 2 major tax reporting companies you can use for free

稅季來臨, 想先估算一下自己要繳多少稅 ?以下是由2家主要報稅公司提供的免費工具可供利用




Different 1095 forms

It’s about time to receive your 1095 form for your health coverage in 2016. You know there are 3 different 1095 forms but do you know the difference ?

  • 1095A,  A Statement issued by Covered California  It shows who was covered and when. It also shows the subsidy amount you got in 2016 so you will report it with your 2016 taxes.
  • 1095B, issued by Health insurance companies to its members who enrolled directly with the companies without any exchange in between which contains who was covered and when.
  • 1095C, issued by Employers that offer health coverage to its employees and/or their families with information about who was covered and when.

你很快將收到你的2016 醫療保險的1095表格, 你或已知道他有3種, 但你知道其中的不同嗎 ?

  • 1095A 是由Covered California 加州全保發出,發給經由該交換所取得医療保險的人,目的在確認受保的人,受保的計劃及受保期間,受補助金額等
  • 1095B 是由保險公司發出,發給直接向該公司投保而未經過交換所的會員,目的在証明是否所參加的計劃合乎歐巴馬健保下強制投保的規定
  • 1095C 是由提供團保的雇主所發出,發給它所承保的員工及家屬,確認受保的人和受保的計劃what-is-1095a

Simple vs Compound Interest 單利vs複利

Do you know how the interest on your investment calculated ? While the two different basic types of interests, simple and compound, make your money big difference over a long period of time, all investors should be aware of them.  Simple interest is calculated only on your principal. Compound interest is calculated on the the sum of your principal amount plus the accumulated interest of previous periods. A famous quote by Einstein “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”  tells us the power of the compound interest in your investment. Try it yourself using the calculator link below provided from bankrate.com.



2017 Open Enrollment Date 開放期


The Open Enrollment period for 2017 Obamacare health insurance has been official announced as 11/01/2016 to 01/31/2017If you want to apply or change your coverage for 2017, you can do it starting 11/01/2016 and before the last day 1/31/2017 of the open period. Also, in order to have coverage that begins on 01/10/2017, you need to complete your application before 12/15/2016.  If you enroll after the 15th of the month, you’ll have to wait until the month after that for your coverage to start. So, for example, if you enroll on 01/16/17, your coverage would start on 03/01/17. If you miss this window you will have to wait for next open in November 2017 unless you have a special “qualified event”.

2017年健保的開放期在11/01/2016至01/31/2017,也就是你要加入2017健保或對目前保單做改变的期間。但你完成申辦的曰期將決定你的起效日,凡是要1/1/17生效的記得要在12/15/16之前完成, 若之後則會在再下個月的一號,即2/1/17生效,1/15/17之後則要等到3/1/17生效,例如你在1/16/17加入,你的生效日就會是3/1/17。過了開放期,要加入就得要有合格的特殊理由了。


LongTermCare Hybrids 長期照顧新設計

You probably heard the “Hybrids” design for es LTC Insurance over the past several years . They have been popular in the market for the combination of  life insurance and  long term care benefits. It is a long-term care rider in a life insurance policy. Your policy will pay out benefits for your LTC need and also for death benefit, not just “use it or lose it” nature in traditional policies.